Modular Prefab

What is Modular Prefab anyway?

Modular homes are built in a factory and then delivered to your site by truck or crane in modules to be assembled and attached to a permanent foundation.  Modular homes are built to industry standard site-built codes, so they can be installed anywhere, even earthquake country or areas with heavy snow loads.  Once installed, it becomes real estate comparable to any other custom home.

Why Modular Prefab?

Better structural integrity – in order to transport, modular homes are stronger and more solid than site-built.
Indoor controlled factory environment means no moisture intrusion
Reduces construction site theft
Factory specialization means high build quality
Waste is greatly reduced versus site construction
Much faster construction – the home is being constructed while your foundation is being installed

Is Modular cheaper than conventional construction?

Generally it’s not significantly cheaper, but it can be advantageous for remote locations, areas with high construction costs, or locations with inclement weather and harsh building environments.

Is the Modular payment schedule different then site built?

Yes, Modular is 30% down, 30% at first inspection, 30% at final inspection and last 10% due on completion.